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GIHUB (all sources most updated) 0.8

DESIGNERS 0.7.8 (2011/03/06)
Designers package contains only MXP file to install with Adobe extension manager.

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DEVELOPERS (SWC only) 0.7.8 (2011/03/06)
Flex developpers package contains only SWC library file.

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DEVELOPERS (all sources) 0.7.8 (2011/03/06)
Developers / sources package contains MXP file to install with Adobe extension manager, SWC library file and all source files.

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SVN REPOSITORY 0.7.8 (2011/03/06)
Use a subversion client as tortoise or subclipse with eclipse to get repository source files.
Checkout url :
Note source files from repository could contains latest files revision, sometimes in beta state, to make sure you get latest stable major revision use upper download buttons!