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myLib is a powerful open source framework designed for advanced components programming with Adobe Flash AS3 projects. myLib has been created to make possible all crazy designers layout and so is really appropriate with rich graphics website. myLib make also life easier for developpers with an advanced skin and style management.

myLib is open source under Mozilla Public License (MPL)

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Animate skins
All skin assets can be animated.

Easy skinning management for designers
Double click component to edit its assets, text field assets are also editable for designers without knowledge of style management coding.

Advanced skinning for developpers
Components assets use a factory system to separate component from its assets, it allow you to build your own assets using whatever you want : Flash library symbol, bitmap, external files, etc… Simply change skin assets definitions or make your own skin which build your own assets.

Advanced layout management
All components are designed to make possible all crazy designers layout.

Style management
Style in myLib consist of an object with pair key/value that could match any component property (Adobe use style as additional common components properties), style object can be applied to one component instance, a component class or to all component instances. Style management with myLib really improve repetitive coding while components are instantiated.

Form management
All input components can be used with Form class. Form class make easier validate and send website form using predefined validation (email, date, length, match) or using your own validation. Catch easily all form error to display them.

Media player
Media player can play any media type : FLV (MPEG-4), SWF, MP3 and event picture files, using play list and transition asset to make quickly your medias slide show. Controller does not act as a component so you can edit it easily and make all layout possible (Developpers can inherit from controller class to make their own complex controller).

myLib special features