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Style management

Adobe components use style as additional components (generally common) properties. With myLib style consist of an object with pair key/value that could match any component properties. This is really useful to avoid repetitive coding and configure multiple components with the same parameters. For example you may want have all website scrollbar with no up and down button or all components with no hand cursor, this can be easily achieved with style.

Let’s create a style object that will be useful for scrollbar :

var scrollStyle : Object = { width : 20 , useUpDown : false ,  thumbResizeEnabled : false }

Apply this style to our component instances :

myScroll0.setStyle( scrollStyle ) ;
myScroll1.setStyle( scrollStyle ) ;

or while instantiating component :

var myScroll2 : ScrollBar = new ScrollBar( null , scrollStyle ) ;

This is great if we need to apply this style to multiple scrollbar but not all, what about if we want to apply this style to all website scrollbar, this can be achieved in a better way using StyleManager class :

import myLib.styles.StyleManager;

StyleManager.getInstance().setClassStyle( ScrollBar , scrollStyle ) ;

In this way we no longer need to apply style to each components, every already instantiate components and next one will be registered with this style.

We can go further if we want set a property common to all components, for example useHandCursor property is available for all components since they all inherit from InteractiveObject. Let’s apply useHandCursor false to all components :

import myLib.styles.StyleManager;

StyleManager.getInstance().setGlobalStyle( { useHandcursor : false } ) ;

Style object could alternatively use to store data with component since you can get back a previously style applied using component.getStyle(), StyleManager.getInstance().getClassStyle( class : Class ) or StyleManager.getInstance().getGlobalStyle() ;

For example we can store an extra id property with a scrollbar instance :

var: Object = { id : 10 } ;
myScroll.setSyle( o ) ;

trace( myScroll.getStyle().id ) ;

Since this is not the prior use of styles, note , you will only able to get last style object applied :

var o1 : Object = { id : 10 } ;
myScroll.setSyle( o1 ) ;

var o2 : Object = { uid : 10 } ;
myScroll.setSyle( o2 ) ;

trace( myScroll.getStyle().id ) ;  // return undefined

9 Responses to “Style management”

  1. Fred Says:
    June 7th, 2010 at 9:58 pm


    Does style can add some easing in a scrollbar ?

  2. Nick Says:
    October 13th, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    Please give an example of using textstyle class to format a label component.

  3. SamYStudiO Says:
    October 15th, 2011 at 12:58 am

    Here is an example from forum user :

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